SSC Marine develops energy efficient vessel designs from 15m to 25m for commercial applications, offering fleet operators:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Previously unobtainable energy efficiencies
  • Outstanding on-water performance

Not a fleet operator, but still interested in what we can offer in terms of efficiency? We’re specialists, but versatile within our areas expertise, with plenty of boats under our belts, so we’d be happy to start a discussion.







2 months ago

SSC Marine Ltd

The SSC-designed 19m is edging closer to the water….. a quick video tour of the Southern Hemisphere’s first 100% electric ferry in build….…

#electricferry #electricvehicle #zeroemissions #navalarchitecture

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2 months ago

SSC Marine Ltd

Carbon fibre craftsmanship…. the battery cages on the 19m 100% electric ferry – and all to save several 100kg compared to the standard steel cages. #efficiency doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a lot of design time and dedication, often taking the hard road, not the easy one….. #electricvehicle #navalarchitecture #electricferryThe battery rooms are nearing completion.
Battery boxes have been assembled into cages; each string will have 6 batteries.
Penetrations were installed between bulkheads to run cables, then the rooms were painted and lined. The entire battery room is a fire boundary where all the materials and insulation are certified to meet international safety standards.
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4 months ago

SSC Marine Ltd

A nice record of the work so far, highlighting the efforts by a large team.

Wellington Electric Boat Building Company
Thank you to Simon from Southlight Studio for this video showing the bulkheads being placed and the top deck being lifted onto the hulls.
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10 months ago

SSC Marine Ltd

The kit of CNC-cut panels is coming together……Assembly of the shell underway. The hulls and wing deck are in place with bulkheads being fitted over the next couple of weeks. Stainless steel rails being fitted to the upper deck. See MoreSee Less

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